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Long Drive Golf Club Head

Long Drive Golf Club Head
The N-FORCER 460 driver is a high performance classically designed club head that sits square to the target line at address. Its low center of gravity allows you to launch the ball in the air quickly and with reduced spin for greater carry and roll. Cup Face Technology (CFT) moves the weld points off the club face for improved durability and the feel of a larger sweet spot. The threaded hosel design offers greater shaft holding strength and easier installation.

Available lofts are: 6.0, 7.5 and 9.0 degrees right hand
6.0 and 7.5 degrees left hand
Weight: 198 grams
N-Forcer Long Drive Golf Shaft |  Low Torque Shaft

  X-Flex XX-Flex XXX-Flex
Bend Point: X-High X-High X-High
@50 LDA: 69 Grams 70 Grams 71 Grams
Torque: 3.2 3.1 3.0
Tip Section: 5" Parallel Tip 5" Parallel Tip 5" Parallel Tip
Length: 50" 50" 50"
Swing Speed: 105-120 120-135 135 and up
Frequency: 240 250 260

The N-FORCER LD shaft truly is a World Champion and a proven winner. This golf shaft is used the world over by many Long Drive Professionals and has won countless local, regional and world class Long Drive Championship tournaments over many years.

The N-FORCER LD is a high kickpoint low torque shaft designed to bring down your ball flight while producing lower spin. Low spin means greater distance in the air and more roll after landing. The result: greater total distance (carry and roll) over conventional chain golf store equipment brands.
N-Timidator Long Drive Golf Shaft |  Tournament Winning Long Drive Golf Shaft

  X-Flex XX-Flex XXX-Flex
Bend Point: X-Mid/High XX-Mid/High XXX-Mid/High
@50 LDA: 71 Grams 72 Grams 72 Grams
Torque: 3 2.9 2.9
Tip Section: 5" Parallel Tip 5" Parallel Tip 5" Parallel Tip
Length: 50" Raw 50" Raw 50" Raw
Swing Speed: 120-125 126-135 136 and up
Frequency: 260 270 280

The N-TIMIDATOR LD, with many worldwide Long Drive tournament victories to it's credit, is the shaft for those with exceptionally fast swing speeds.

The N-TIMIDATOR LD features a mid/high kick point for lower ball flight and reduce your spin rate. This shaft is designed to give you better control and greater consistency at the highest speeds and will play stiffer than the N-FORCER LD.

N-Forcer Ultra Light Golf Shaft for Mid to Fast Swing Speeds.

Shaft Specs Regular Stiff
Bend Point: Mid Mid
Weight 53 Grams 53 Grams
Torque: 3.5 3.5
Tip Section: 3" Parallel Tip 3" Parallel Tip
Length: 46" 46"
Swing Speed: 90+ 105+
Frequency: 230 240

The N-FORCER Tour Ultra-Lite shaft is the right choice for golfers with mid-range to fast swing speeds and can be used for drivers, fairway woods and hybrid irons.

The exceptionally low weight and torque of this high performance shaft means greater swing speed and more control off the tee or from the fairway.

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